Finding God in the Mysteries of every Day

Week 22 Day 7

Finding God in the Mysteries of every day  –

Matthew 14:19 Then he ordered the crowds to sit down on the grass, and taking the five loaves and the two fish, he looked up to · heaven, said a blessing, and broke the loaves

            Heaven is a place. My Bible says so. It is different from any other place within the creation. My Bible also says that. It is a place set apart. It is a place that has been highly romanticized and politicized, however, the fact of heaven is inescapable. While I have sat many death bed watches and officiated and attended many funerals, I am always amazed at the different hopeful perceptions people have expressed concerning heaven.

            What I can tell you certainly is that I don’t know what heaven is like. I don’t know what it will be like sensually, mentally, the one thing I can know about heaven is that it is a perfect and perfecting place. Perfect that is, in the Wesleyan sense of being complete. To be spiritually complete, and totally at one with the Lord Jesus is perhaps the most enticing thing about heaven that I can imagine. There are many texts which discuss the afterlife in one way or another, but for me there is not sufficient evidence to claim any one particular view over another. My heart longs to be with the Lord, to be whole and able to serve in whatever way He would choose.

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Larry M Lawrence is an author, composer, Musician, retired pastor, and lives in Missouri with his wife Jane.

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