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Job 14:1“Man, who is born of woman,
Is [a]short-lived and full of turmoil.
Like a flower he comes out and withers.
He also flees like a shadow and does not remain.
You also open Your eyes on him
And bring]him into judgment with Yourself

            The plant above is an orchid. Beautiful by any standard, but fragile in the extreme. So, what’s the point? In the passage above Job is speaking about death. He is quite familiar with the human condition and is grieving the loss of everything in his life. The faith life of many who at one point accept the grace of God in Jesus’ sacrifice for their sins, if not nurtured n the warm and comforting fellowship of the body of believers will soon wither and die just as in the illustration above. We cannot walk alone apart from the body. If we do then death is certain and we will face the most terrible of judgements. We need each other. We are meant to be parts of a larger whole that is one body made up of many members.

            As a pastor I feel I wasted many hours chasing after, praying for and beseeching half-hearted folk who chose worldly pleasures over the rigors of fellowship in the body, that is the Church. Hear this, COVID IS NO EXCUSE. Sitting alone and watching a worship service on a computer screen is in no way participating in the fellowship of believers. You will wither and die in your faithlessness.


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Introducing the Much Anticipated Book 5 in The Whitney Chronicles Suspense Series

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In this fifth installment of the series, Lawrence begins this suspenseful story with a disturbing nightmare followed by a mysterious phone call. Olivia, the wife of Josiah Whitney, is awakened to thoughts of a life shattering reality. Described is the appearance of an old farmhouse, long abandoned, or so it seems. It sits on the brow of a hill off the beaten path, on a little used road in the Western Piedmont region of North Carolina. When passing by the house on the highway below during evening hours, one might hear or think they hear, the sound of human sobbing coming from the old place. As the plot thickens, readers will witness how often times, memories can make an unexpected comeback during restless nights. Like waves crashing on a stormy shore, those memories force their way into the conscious mind.

When asked what inspired Lawrence to pen the topic of book 5 in his riveting series, Lawrence said he was inspired by, “Travels in the Western Piedmont and the Blue Ridge. Stories and tales from the Appalachian highlands.”

Larry M. Lawrence was born in upstate New York. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies. He is an author, songwriter, musician and a retired Pastor. In addition, he was a former caterer and sporting goods store owner, among several other professions. Lawrence had the extreme privilege of serving as lead pastor in Olean NY, Niagara Falls NY, La Fargeville, NY and Laurinburg NC. He has been married to his wife, Jane, for nearly fifty years and they reside in the countryside west of St. Louis. He is currently serving as Worship leader at his home Church in Union, MO. Lawrence began this journey of ministry of writing to encourage others, especially those of retirement age or beyond to try new things, to hope for the here and now and to re-establish ties with family and friends. He publishes a devotional blog each day at titled, Finding God in the Mystery of every day. Although he is semi-disabled, he loves to spend time with his grandchildren. He also enjoys contemporary Christian worship music and has even travelled with a band in the Carolinas, Pennsylvania and in New York.


Xulon Press, a division of Salem Media Group, is the world’s largest Christian self-publisher, with more than 15,000 titles published to date. The Whitney Chronicles 5: Echoes of the Past is available online through,, and

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Larry M Lawrence is an author, composer, Musician, retired pastor, and lives in Missouri with his wife Jane.

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