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Numbers 10:25Dan and the tribes that camped alongside it were to protect the Israelites against an attack from behind, and so they marched last, carrying their banner. Ahiezer son of Ammishaddai was the leader of the tribe of Dan,

Glock 19

            As a gun owner, and a former gunshop owner (a real, legitimate storefront operation) I have wondered perhaps more than most on the question of the armed Christian. As per usual it is simple to eisegete a simple answer to the question and extrapolate not only law, but social policy based upon a single verse of scripture. Some of the principles that could be seen here in this verse are the concept of being last, the concept of protecting others, the concept of the responsibility that implied and the abilities and equipment required.

            These days we are seeing more and more reports of armed citizens protecting themselves, their families, and others. Provocateurs seem to be issuing a call to arms almost daily in the press. I would put to you that you must “wrestle with this” and come to a decision between yourself and God and the context in which you live and travel.

            I would caution you that if you do go about armed then you should know your weapon inside out and its capabilities. You should know that there is never a good time to use your weapon against another human being except to protect yourself or someone else. Above all you should be prayed through on this issue in total before undertaking to assume the role of protector.

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