Finding God in the Mystery if every day

23101 Finding God in the mysteries of every day

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Mark 1:35

And in the early morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house, and went away to a secluded place, and prayed there for a time.

Jesus drew apart to pray

Jesus drew apart from everybody at various times in His earthly ministry. All of the persistent need all around Him from to first light of day to the dark of the night was most probably mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausting. Even in thise moments when He did draw apart he was often hounded by his own disciples. How must He have felt. There was seldom any word of recrimination when He was “invaded” by sincere people seeking His help for their earthly needs. A model of grace, certainly.

            But consider your own need to draw apart and be with Jesus. Do you allow the phone, the doorbell, the text message, or your sense of duty to override your deep, deep spiritual need to simply be with Jesus? I have frequently listened to the siren call of “responsibility” allowing it to drown out the calling of the Spirit.

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Larry M Lawrence is an author, composer, Musician, retired pastor, and lives in Missouri with his wife Jane.

2 thoughts on “Finding God in the Mystery if every day

  1. This IS the challenge of the Church in this current time. To commit to, and stay at a time of prayer consistently each day. To keep a daily ‘appointment’ with GOD and not allow the world to intrude. Help us Lord!

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