Finding God in the Mysteries of every day

#2105 Finding God in the Mysteries of every day       

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Jeremiah 42:19-21 19 “The Lord has said concerning you, O remnant of Judah, ‘Do not go to Egypt!’ Know certainly that I have [a]admonished you this day. 20 For you [b]were hypocrites in your hearts when you sent me to the Lord your God, saying, ‘Pray for us to the Lord our God, and according to all that the Lord your God says, so declare to us and we will do it.’ 21 And I have this day declared it to you, but you have not obeyed the voice of the Lord your God, or anything which He has sent you by me.

            Many times over the years of my pastoral ministry people came to me for counseling and advice. More often than not they would present the solution they knew that the Lord would accept to their particular dilemmas. They were, however not looking to solve their problems, they were usually looking for some sort of validation, and “excuse me please” answer that would make then fell better about their inaction and justify their having fallen into that trouble to begin with.

            In Jeremiah’s time the people of Judah were besieged, captured, and carried away. Can you sense a little bit of his frustration at having explained, demonstrated, and lived out the sort of repentance and passion for the Lord that the people had asked about. In he end they fell. The fell into the hands of the Babylonians and were held captive for seventy years. Today, if we fail to heed the Word of God we shall, I am afraid, fall captive for all eternity.

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Larry M Lawrence is an author, composer, Musician, retired pastor, and lives in Missouri with his wife Jane.

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