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             There is a tendency to think that revivals of Christian faith are something that occurred in the last few hundred years only. That is far from the truth. Beginning around the year 910 or so the Benedictine monastery at Cluny in France sought to return to the originating disciplines of the Benedictine order. In response to a growing worldliness and corruption of the church and other monasteries.

            Approximately Five hundred years later Martin Luther responding to the outrageous practices of the Church rebelled and eventually separated from the Catholic church. Around two hundred years after that John Wesley, George Whitfield and others preached toward a more engaged and experiential understanding of the need to be redeemed from slavery to sin.

            In the early Eighteenth Century Johnathan Edwards preached his sermon “Sinners in the hands of an angry God” (text from Deuteronomy 32:35)

            In the 1820s Charles G Finney preached powerfully in upstate NY and elsewhere with people often crying out to be saved even as he visited one place and another. One story has him leading people in prayer as they came to him during a tour of the Eastman Kodak company in Rochester NY.

            Following the Civil war prayer societies gained momentum in New York City initiated by Women, Phoebe Palmer being a person of particular note, and the holiness movement was born.

            Do you begin to see a pattern here, an ever shortening time between these “awakenings”. I wonder when the next great awakening will come. There have been several small and great moments down to today. The one thing of note is that the worse the world gets, and it has gotten pretty rotten, the greater the likelihood of a true moving of the Holy Spirit will come where and when we least expect it. Jesus is more present than ever. Reach out to him.

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Larry M Lawrence is an author, composer, Musician, retired pastor, and lives in Missouri with his wife Jane.

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