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#232 Finding God in the Mysteries of every day       

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Proverbs 29: 13 The poor and the oppressor have this in common:
    The Lord gives sight to the eyes of both.

14 If a king judges the poor with fairness,    his throne will be established forever.

            Kindness or cruelty, which way we are bent in this world depends much upon the environment we are raised in. At birth we are gifted or restricted owing to many factors, the health of the parents, the birthing process itself, the environment in which the birth takes place. The levelness of the playing field alluded to in verse 13 I believe, has more to do with God’s design, and less to do with external factors. Spiritually, as long as there is even the vaguest awareness of the world around us whether we are kind or cruel depends upon our will and our choice. I do not mean to cause pain to anyone who feels they have some how failed or been cheated in bringing children into the world. Sin has defiled the entire world and such things as birth “defects” and birth complications these are the consequence of that destructiveness of sin, most often, through no fault of the parents.

            The photo above shows Jesus teaching his disciples. Truly he must be the king model spoken of in verse 14. Throughout scripture we are admonished to care for the ones who don’t seem to be important enough to bother with. Malachi 3:5
And I will come near you for judgment; I will be a swift witness Against sorcerers, Against adulterers, Against perjurers, Against those who exploit wage earners and widows and orphans, And against those who turn away an alien— Because they do not fear Me,” Says the Lord of hosts. James 1:27 Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

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