Finding God in the every day

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Finding God in the every day

Wk 2 Day 1 “Stop looking for the off ramp!”.

Exodus 7:7 Moses was eighty years old and Aaron eighty-three when they spoke to Pharaoh.

            Sometimes it seems to me that God is out of his mind in the choices he makes for people to call. At eighty years old Moses embarked on one of the most amazing journeys of leadership in recorded history. Every time I read something like this I ask myself: “How on earth could I possibly sit here and whine about my age, and my desire to rest in the face of some of the mightiest acts of God man has ever seen? Think about a displaced exile returning to the place he grew up and becoming the representative of God before the millions of the Israelites, and the entire nation of Egypt.

            As I mention in the brief bio on my home page I am a retired pastor. I am not, however retired from serving the Lord. After moping around as I became bored with the ease retirement affords I asked God if He was truly finished with me. It was as if he shouted in my Spirit; “Boy, stop looking for the off ramp we’ve got a long way to go.” I realize now, that the Church has a great shepherd, consequently He calls whom he will to serve him. I do not believe that the church’s obsession with professional pastors is a healthy thing. There is a tendency to drop everything and leave the ministry to the professionals. Did you ever ask yourself: “How much more could we do if we really developed the spiritual gifts God has given?” No matter what age you are if you truly offer yourself to the Lord to serve and obey him your “retirement” will be busier and more fulfilled than you could imagine.

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Larry M Lawrence is an author, composer, Musician, retired pastor, and lives in Missouri with his wife Jane.

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